Different Types of Lawyers And Which One Do You Need

When you are looking for a lawyer you will be asked what type of lawyer do you need – this is a question which blocks most people as few know there are almost 20 different branches of law out there.

Businesses lawyers

As the name implies, the corporate lawyer takes care of corporate trials and businesses legal issues. He can help you establish your company, provide legal guidance on employment, merges, acquisitions and taxes.

There are also employment lawyers, who specialize in employment matters.

Acquisition, finances and tax lawyers

Mergers and acquisition lawyers deal with transactions between companies. When you want to sell or buy a company, you need help from this type of lawyer, who can provide you with valuable tips during the complex process of selling a company or merging two businesses.

Finance and securities lawyers operate in a very specific area of law, dealing with bank operations and stocks.

Tax lawyers help companies and persons file complaints or comply with federal laws and taxes. They can go to court if you going to face jail for not paying your taxes. Most of the times, these lawyers also deal with estate planning.

Estate planning and family law

An estate planning lawyer helps you get your papers in order, like child support, wills and child trusts. There is a branch of lawyers called Probate lawyers, which go to court when someone doesn’t have a will and the state needs to decide what happens with his assets.

Bankruptcy lawyers can help you get out of debts and regain control over your finances. They can represent the creditor as well as the debtor. Most of the times, you will find lawyers specialized in a certain type of bankruptcies.

Family lawyers deal with family issues, like divorces, custody trials, different agreements between family members. You can also find lawyers specialized in divorces alone.

Other branches

Criminal defense lawyers help people stay out of jail or reduce their sentences. They deal with murders, theft and all the other acts which count as a crime. Most of these lawyers have experience as district attorneys.

Traffic lawyers also take care of crimes, namely, traffic crimes; they are the people who can help you fight citations, avoid a speed ticket or solve a red light violation.

Personal injury lawyers help you gain compensations after an accident, either a traffic one or a work-related one. Slipping also enters in under this branch of law.

Malpractice lawyers take care of medical malpractice and other professional responsibility issues. They are usually employed by companies, such as hospitals, before the unfortunate events happen, as a form of insurance.

Real estate lawyers usually deal with cases linked to violation of contracts or agreements between landlords, tenants and other real estate professionals.

Immigration lawyers help people who move in USA from other countries and they deal with visa issues.

New branches of law asked for new types of lawyers, so you can find intellectual property lawyers, digital media lawyers and entertainment lawyers. Most of them come from different branches of the law, so they have a lot of experience.